The fourth TEMBO English Camp took place for 3 weeks in June/July. It is safe to say it was a rousing success! Forty-nine girls participated in this 3 week long program during their long school break. It is a “fun” program, with a very serious goal: to improve the English skills of our sponsored students so they have a better chance to succeed in Secondary School.

Each day the girls are given 3 hours of formal English language instruction on topics linked directly to the Tanzanian school curriculum. For about an hour a day they participated in various clubs: science, math, writer’s workshop. The rest of the time, they practiced their English by playing games, working in small groups, enjoying Bingo Night and movie night, singing (a lot!), and, of course, preparing for the grande finale: the TEC Fashion Show.

As well as two experienced Canadian teachers, this year the program involved two student teachers from Canada and four student teachers from Tanzania, as well as two recent graduates from Longido Secondary School who acted as teachers’ aides. This provided a wonderful opportunity for an exchange of ideas that will influence the teaching careers of all of these new young teachers.

Graduates of TEC have a noticeable new confidence and openness to learning. But the community benefits as well. TEC hires local women as matrons and cooks, and the girls stay in a local hostel. As well, all of the Canadians stayed at the TEMBO Guesthouse, where they were well looked after!

Congratulations to everyone who made TEC – 2013 such a wonderful experience!

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