TEMBO Canada is a federally incorporated registered Canadian charity that partners with local organizations in Tanzania to address issues of girls’ education, empowerment of women, poverty and human rights.

TEMBO believes in the power of education and the ways in which education can transform communities.


In 2022, TEMBO is sponsoring 169 girls for secondary school including 42 girls who started Form 1 in January.

Each girl receives the necessary support to attend school including a school uniform, bedding and a trunk, toiletries and educational resources. TEMBO also provides support for a mentorship program provided by the TEMBO (Tanzania) staff to help motivate the girls to study hard and stay in school.

Before attending secondary school, girls attend PASS (Primary and Secondary Success Program), a 10-week academic support program. While in school, the girls attend TEC (TEMBO English Camp), a 3-week tutoring program between Term 1 and Term 2.

TEMBO recognizes the achievements of the Form 4 graduates who will be continuing their studies this year at the advanced level of secondary school or college. Nyekonde (left) will be attending secondary school teacher’s college, Pili (centre) will enter Form 5 at secondary school, and Lindi (right) is applying for college.


In March 2022, TEMBO launched a literacy outreach program for three new groups of Maasai women in remote villages in Longido District, Tanzania.

Each week, the women gather under a tree at the base of Mt. Longido. The goal of the program is to provide women with access to basic literacy and numeracy, and provide an opportunity for women to gain an understanding of key issues such as women’s rights, the importance of education and women’s health.

The program is provided jointly by our Tanzanian partners, TEMBO (Tanzania) and Learning in Longido.

TEMBO works in the heart of the Maasai community where women have traditionally been marginalized and faced great hardship including forced marriages and early pregnancies, poor access to education and limited opportunities to contribute to their families and communities.


Your generosity can help send a girl to school complete with a new school uniform, trunk, toiletries and books for school.


When you buy a gift, you help us cover the cost of sending a girl to school, offering outreach programs and filling the shelves with books at the Longido District Learning Centre.