You can make a difference by choosing one or more gifts in each of our program areas. When you buy a gift, you help us cover the cost of sending a girl to school, offering outreach programs and filling the shelves with books at the Longido District Learning Centre.

Celebrate an anniversary, birthday or special day or recognize someone special with a gift and send a card to acknowledge your gift. Your donation will help change lives.

Opportunities for Girls

In Tanzania, only 32% of girls continue on from primary school to secondary school. TEMBO has been working with the community in Longido District to sponsor girls for secondary school. Since 2007, TEMBO has sponsored more than 550 girls to go to school. Many of these girls have completed Form 4 and and are now continuing on to vocational training programs.

Opportunities for Women

TEMBO works in the heart of the Maasai community where women have traditionally been marginalized and faced great hardship including forced marriages and early pregnancies, poor access to education and limited opportunities to contribute to their families and communities.

Opportunities for Learning

The Longido District Learning Centre provides programs for individuals of all ages including: pre-school programs for children under the age of 5, after school programs for primary school children, an academic support program for adolescent boys and girls, and skills development programs for women.