Healthy Sanitation Kits

Send an E-Card Gift for a Healthy Sanitation Kit and help a girl stay healthy at school. Each healthy sanitation kit includes soap, pads, a toothbrush and more.

Gift Price: $30

Books and School Supplies

Send an E-Card Gift for a Backpack with Books and School Supplies and help a girl excel at school.

Gift Price: $60

A Trunk and Bedding

Send an E-Card Gift for a New Trunk and Bedding. Your gift will provide a girl with pink sheets, a warm blanket, a towel and a mosquito net in a new trunk. Your gift allows a girl to sleep safely at school.

Gift Price: $135

Send a Girl to School

Make a continuing difference in a girl’s life and outfit her with ALL of the necessary items required for her first year of secondary school including a trunk, mattress, pillow, toiletries, school uniform, textbooks and more!

Gift Price: $410

Giving Opportunity

Give a gift that has a lasting impact.

You can now make a donation and send an E-Card Gift to a friend or family member. With each donation, you will help support a girl in secondary school and provide her with the necessary supplies to stay warm, safe and excel at her studies.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Select an E-Card Gift option by clicking on the button of choice.

2. Complete the Donation Form and process payment.

3. After completing the payment, you will receive a link where you can download your individual E-Card Gift (pdf format).

4. Forward the card to your friend or family member by email. You can also print out the card and give in person.