TEMBO’s commitment to girls’ education is at the heart of our mission.

In Tanzania, one third of all girls are married by the age of 18, but girls from poor families are twice as likely to be married early than girls from wealthier families.

Almost 70% of children aged 14-17 are not enrolled in secondary education while a mere 3.2% are enrolled for the final two years of schooling. (Unicef, 2017)

As of 2020, TEMBO has sponsored more than 395 girls to attend secondary school. In 2020 alone, our donors are sponsoring 147 girls to achieve their dream of acquiring a secondary school education.

As well, TEMBO provides support for girls who aspire to complete post-secondary education. Since 2007, TEMBO has sponsored 30 young women to attend a two-year training program to become primary school teachers. Today, 100% of these women are now working in schools in villages throughout Tanzania.

TEMBO has also support more than 80 girls to attend vocational training programs including hotel management, animal husbandry, community health and records management programs.

Your generosity can help provide a uniform, a set of school syllabus books or a year of education in secondary school or a vocational training program.