TEMBO recognizes that, if adolescent girls are to have any real chance of finishing secondary school, they need more than a school uniform and toiletries. Since 2010, TEMBO has been providing – and expanding – our academic support services for the girls and the community.

TEMBO English Camp (TEC)

A three-week academic support program offered to TEMBO sponsored girls during the long break between first and second term. Immersed in a supportive English-language learning environment, the girls review subjects such as biology, geography and math with local teachers while continuing to develop their language, literacy and study skills. TEC also helps to build self-esteem and reinforces everyday life skills and healthy lifestyle choices.

The program was first offered in 2010 to 33 girls in Forms 1 and 2. Since then TEC has expanded its reach to include girls in Form 3 and it is now offered on an annual basis to more than 100 girls. With the completion of the Girls’ Hostel in 2019, the girls have a safe place to stay while attending TEC.

Primary And Secondary School Success (PASS)

A 10-week academic enrichment program for girls in Longido District who have completed primary school and are anxiously awaiting acceptance to secondary school. Local Tanzanian teachers provide girls (ages 12-15) with an academic boost in math and sciences, as well as support for the development of English language and literacy skills.

PASS was first offered in 2013 for 42 girls from six local primary schools. Today, the program is offered to 50+ girls from 12 different primary schools.

Mentoring and Life Skills

Success in secondary school requires more than just getting there. TEMBO provides comprehensive mentoring and support to families and girls before heading off to school, during the school year and through our academic support programs. Paulina, TEMBO’s Executive Director, leads our mentoring program while Mary, TEMBO’s Community Facilitator, teaches life skills to the girls including lessons on the importance of education, FGM (female genital mutilation), hygiene and health. Christina, TEMBO’s Program Support Officer, provides guidance and care to the girls in our Girl Care Program and ensures that the girls have the necessary clothing, toiletries and supplies while staying in the Girl’s Hostel. As educated Maasai women, Paulina, Mary and Christina bring authenticity to the messages they share with the girls.