Where is Longido?

Longido is both the name of a village and a district in Northern Tanzania. The village of Longido is approx. 30 km south of the Kenya-Tanzania border on Highway A104. Longido lies in the heart of the Maasai community.

How did you decide to support women and girls in Longido, Tanzania?

In 1998 TEMBO founders Jo Marchant and Marian Roks travelled to Kimokouwa village in northern Tanzania to visit a young girl they were sponsoring. Following return  visits in 1999 and 2003, and after meeting with community leaders, teachers and local residents in Longido and Kimokouwa, they formalized a commitment to the people in Longido area by establishing the Tanzania Education and Micro-Business Opportunity (TEMBO.)

How are the girls selected for sponsorship?

TEMBO (Tanzania) receives many requests from families in the Longido area, all of which are referred to a Selection Committee that makes recommendations based on financial and socio-economic needs. Our staff work closely with local education officers to identify girls who might be at risk and whose families might need support. Each year, TEMBO faces the challenges of more girls on the list than can be supported.

How much does it cost to send a girl to school?

The cost of outfitting a girl for school is approximately $410 CAD (January 2024). Prior to starting Form 1, TEMBO outfits each girl with a school uniform, trunk, mattress, toiletries and school supplies. TEMBO also provides girls with copies of syllabus books, so that they might keep up with their studies at school. In addition to financial support, all TEMBO-sponsored girls receive ongoing social and academic support through a mentoring program offered by our local staff.

Do you also offer sponsorship for boys?

TEMBO focuses on the needs of the girl child as they are the ones who are often left behind. In a traditional Maasai family, girls are forced into marriage at the age of 13 and must give up their dreams of an education. If the family has the resources to support secondary school education, the boy child will be given priority.

While TEMBO does not offer sponsorship for boys, we recognize the vital importance of providing informal education to boys and men. Our Sara and Juma program is designed on this very important principle where boys are included in all lessons.

How does the microfinance program work?

Women in the Longido area organize themselves into a group. Together, they come to TEMBO to request a loan. Each women receives 300,000 TSH (~$175 CAN) that they must pay back on a monthly basis. While each member of the group has their own business, the group offers support with business ideas, record keeping and payment support. Groups in good standing continue to receive loans for a five-year period, at which time they graduate from TEMBO’s program.

Can I visit the project?

Yes, our staff in Longido would welcome your visit at any time. Visitors are welcome to stay in our 7-room TEMBO Inn located in the centre of Longido village. Our staff can put together a program for you to visit our projects, or just sit under the beautiful acacia tree and hear stories about our work in the village. Please contact the TEMBO Inn to book your accommodation.

Do you need volunteers in Tanzania?

We are always interested in hearing from individuals interested in volunteering, but you must have the required qualifications. All volunteer experiences are self-funded. Currently, TEMBO is recruiting qualified teachers (primary, secondary, ESL) for volunteer teaching opportunities in fall 2024. Please contact info@projectembo.org.

Do you need volunteers in Canada?

TEMBO (Canada) is always interested in hearing from individuals who can help us to tell the story, to share information about our work and help coordinate local fundraising events. If you are interested in coordinating an event, we can provide you with promotional materials and resources. If you would like to help us with our annual online auction, please contact info@projectembo.org

As well, we often post volunteer needs on Facebook, so please follow us on Facebook.

Does TEMBO offer official charitable receipts?

Yes, TEMBO is a registered Canadian charity. You will receive an official donation receipt for income tax purposes on donations of $20 or more.

Our charitable registration number is 89635 4008 RR0001.

For any other questions about official donation receipts, please contact us at info@projectembo.org