TEMBO (Canada) has been fortunate in having had dedicated leaders since its inception. As a grassroots organisation, it continues to grow in strength and mandate. New programming has been developed over the years in the Longido District, and the many successes of the girls and women in the community are the true measure of the importance of our efforts on their behalf.

Looking ahead to the period covered by the new Strategic Plan, we know that there have been, and will continue to be, economic challenges affecting our core business of fundraising to support the programmes and projects in Longido. Added to these challenges are the changing demographics in Canada and Tanzania accompanied by shifts in fundraising priorities.

Our focus over the next three years will be on building for the future, ensuring sustainability, and modernizing the organisation whilst retaining clear direction and progressing its vision of continuing to foster educational opportunities in Longido. Much progress has been made; much more remains to be done.


TEMBO (Canada) considers the following to be the five most important values of the organisation:

1. Partnership and collaboration with the local Tanzanian community.

We achieve more when we collaborate, communicate and work together. 

2. Accountable to donors and stakeholders

Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions and, our results.

3. Respect, Trust and Integrity
We build trust and respect through responsible actions, honest relationships and treating people with dignity and professionalism.

4. Transparency

We operate and communicate in an open and honest manner, sharing information in order to build confidence and manage expectations. 

5. Responsive and Flexible

We listen to the needs of our Tanzanian partners and adapt our efforts to meet their requirements as circumstances change.


Organisational Sustainability

Recruit, develop and invest in diverse representation and skills to ensure organisational sustainability and succession.


Position TEMBO to meet the challenges of the next decade through organisational renewal and optimization.


Enhance, update and augment communication vehicles and products to improve reach to diverse audiences.

Donor Engagement

Expand our capacity for fundraising through improved business and event planning, retention of existing donors, and targeting of new donor groups.