“E is for Education” is an alphabet book for the child in all of us!

Young children will enjoy “D is for Donkey”, “J is for Jump” and “U is for Up”. Parents and grandparents will see greater meaning in “F is for firewood”, “L is for Laundry” and “K is for Kitchen”.

This book is full of colourful, lively images and text that were created by 42 African schoolgirls who participated in our PASS 2013 program.

PASS (“Primary and Secondary Success”) is a program developed by TEMBO for the young girls of Longido District of northern Tanzania. These students are transitioning from primary school, where the language of instruction is Swahili, to secondary school, where the language of instruction is English. They are introduced to English (their third language) for the first time, use cameras for the first time, and also experience art as we know it for the first time. One of their assignments in PASS is to go out into their community with digital point-and-shoot cameras and photograph objects for every letter of the English alphabet. They then write text for their photos as part of developing their English and writing skills. The result is this creative and magical book!

E is for Education provides a unique opportunity to glimpse the world as seen by young girls living in a remote African community. It is indeed an education to see the images they choose and think about how these images matter to them.
Our students are excited about actively participating in this fundraising endeavour that supports their education. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to TEMBO’s sponsorship program.

Price: $10

Photo Credit: Jane Spencer

“E is for Education” is 8.5 in. by 5.5 in., softcover, 28 pages.

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