October 21, 2013 was an exciting day in Longido:  it was the opening of the Orbomba Community Library!  The District Commissioner was the guest speaker and he truly celebrated the event with over 400 kids!  Three of our directors were there (Arlene, Maureen and Virginia) to join in the festivities.  There were performances by kids of all ages and there was a great deal of excitement.

Now the real excitement begins…realizing the power of a library!  As you can see from the pictures, we have a lovely building, tables and chairs, but not nearly enough books.  That comes next!  Leah, the librarian, is currently canvassing the community members to be sure we fill up the library with materials that will be useful to the entire community: teachers, students, leaders  and others who live nearby.

We are told it is the only library of its kind in Tanzania. To be sure, libraries are very scarce and school libraries almost unknown.  We are hopeful that this library will give all of the students of Orbomba School, as well as their families, a much needed boost in acquiring the education they need to succeed in today’s world.

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