There was great enthusiasm and positive energy at TEMBO’s Annual Meeting on August 31, 2016. Many new faces blended in with the group of loyal and dedicated volunteers and friends of TEMBO who came out to hear highlights of our past year. Arlene McKechnie provided a comprehensive overview beginning with the growth in our sponsorship program (thanks to our donors), the success of our academic enrichment programs and the opening of the new Longido District Learning Centre (February 2016).

IMG_0973Arlene McKechnie, who has been involved with TEMBO since 2004, stepped down as President, passing the leadership role to Melissa Clark. Befitting of Arlene’s incredible contribution to the organization over the past 12 years, many guests took the time to share stories about time spent with Arlene in in Tanzania and her ability to always listen to the needs of the people. In closing, the Board thanked Arlene for her dedication and commitment to the work of TEMBO.

Please read more about the highlights of TEMBO in 2015-2016 in our Annual Report.

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