On September 22nd and 23rd  a group of loyal friends of TEMBO gathered at the home of Paul and Sandra Hession for the annual “Adopt a grapevine” celebration. The 2012 grape harvest represented the completion of 4 years of school for the girls TEMBO has been able to sponsor as a result of the money that this annual event has raised since 2008.

Guests enjoyed a delicious brunch and some even tried their hand at picking some of the grapes! Most importantly, they heard about the experiences of some of the girls who have been enrolled in secondary school for the past 4 years, an experience that would not have otherwise been possible.

Thanks to many generous contributions, more than $4,000 was raised this year to support the enrolment of a new group of girls in secondary school. As well, an anonymous donor kindly agreed to match all donations received, so that more girls can have the opportunity to go to high school!

A huge TEMBO thank you to all for making the grape harvest of 2012  such a sweet success.

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