On November 22, 2013 42 girls graduated from the first instalment of the Primary AND Secondary SUCCESS (PASS) program and indeed there was much to celebrate!

The girls worked so hard during the 10 weeks of the program in both their English lessons as well as their subject-specific classes including math, geography, biology and civics.

On the morning of their graduation the girls walked down from the hostel with their trunks balanced on their heads while carrying orange, green, yellow and red buckets. They gathered together in the pavilion and immediately the sounds of girls’ voices resonated around the TEMBO Guest House property.

Each school group presented their own song and dance followed by a group song and then the awards ceremony and speeches from the local Tanzanian teachers. It was truly wonderful to have these teachers join in the graduation ceremony as they have been a significant part of the program. In particular, Alice Daudi (Civics teacher at Longido Secondary School) spoke to the girls about how a program like this provides such a solid foundation for the girls as they transition into secondary school.

After a delicious lunch, the girls departed for their homes, some by dala-dala, some by foot, some by transportation provided by the District – all of them eager to go home and be with their families while awaiting news of secondary school selection process.

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