Join us for TEMBO’s speaker series Power and Potential: Women at the Forefront. On February 16th, Sally Armstrong, author of Power Shift: The Longest Revolution will discuss how humankind requires the equal status of women and girls. On International Women’s Day (March 8th) TEMBO hosts ‘Eight on Eight‘ (sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women) where 8 voices, 4 from Tanzania and 4 from Canada, will discuss gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. On April 20th, Tim Martin former Canadian Ambassador, diplomat  and author of Moral Hazards will explore the power and potenial of women throught the lens of international security.

We hope you can join us.

Tickets are $40 for the Speaker Series, or $25 for a single event unless otherwise indicated.

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POWER SHIFT: An Evening with Sally Armstrong

On February 16th, join award winning author, journalist and activist Sally Armstrong as she discusses themes in her book Power Shift: The Longest Revolution.  

Human rights activist, journalist and award-winning author Sally Armstrong has covered stories about women and girls in zones of conflict all over the world. From Bosnia and Somalia to the Middle East, Rwanda, Congo, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Iraq, her eye witness reports have earned her awards including the Gold Award from the National Magazine Awards Foundation and the Author’s Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters. She received the Amnesty International Canada Media Award in 2000, 2002, 2011 and again in 2017. She was named the Massey Lecturer for 2019. The lectures and book are titled Power Shift: The Longest Revolution. She is the recipient of ten honorary doctorate degrees and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

According to Armstrong, it has never been a better time to be a woman: a fundamental shift has been occurring. Yet from Toronto to Timbuktu, the promise of equality still eludes half the world’s population.

Tickets: $25 for a single ticket or subscribe to the Speaker Series for just $40. 

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EIGHT ON EIGHT: A Conversation in honour of International Women's Day

TEMBO Canada presents Eight on Eight, an innovative and thought-provoking online conversation on International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2021). Sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women, this dynamic and interactive event brings together eight voices to address gender equality and the prevention of violence against women.

The voices will include 4 individuals from Tanzania and 4 individuals from Canada, each group to include a high school student, a university student, staff from community-based organizations and teachers. Individuals will explore, discuss and reflect on questions related to gender equality; more specifically, they will speak to the question of how gender has shaped their lives.   

The presentation will include photo and video snapshots of women’s lives in Tanzania and Canada.

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UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Women’s Power and Potential through a Lens of International Security

On April 20th, TEMBO presents Tim Martin and his talk, Unfinished Business: Women’s Power and Potential through a Lens of International Security.

Former ambassador Tim Martin has been at the cutting edge of Canadian diplomacy and international peace and security. His high-level diplomatic service includes leading Canada’s civilian work in Kandahar, the Kimberley Process to ban conflict diamonds and Middle East Peace negotiations. His career has covered Colombia, Argentina, Palestine, Afghanistan, the Caribbean and the Horn of Africa. Tim is a recipient of the Treasury Board’s Award of Excellence in the Public Service for his leadership on Canada’s humanitarian assistance to Palestinian children affected by conflict.  For his service to Canada he has been awarded three medals: the Commemorative medal of the 125th Anniversary of Confederation; the Queen’s Jubilee Medal; and the Operational Service Medal. His recently published novel, Moral Hazards, is a political thriller about a woman’s quest to make rape as a weapon of war recognized as a crime against humanity.

Tickets: $25 for a single ticket or subscribe to the Speaker Series for just $40.  

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TEMBO's Vision

Educating for Equal Opportunities

Change is happening in Tanzania.  More families have been sending daughters to primary school and more women have become heads of families with increasing financial responsibilities. Worldwide, women are moving to the forefront. According to author, journalist and human rights activist Sally Armstrong “Young women are talking in ways they haven’t before…Everyone knows that if you can’t talk about it, you can’t change it. Now they are talking.”

TEMBO contributes to this change through the work we do.  When girls get the chance to experience a learning program, they achieve power.  When women from remote villages receive skills training, their potential to generate income increases.

Despite this, there’s more work to do.  

Around the globe,  twenty-three girls under the age of sixteen are married off every minute.  In Tanzania women are paid 63% less than men and are more likely to suffer discrimination and abuse.  And for every girl that enters TEMBO’s programs, there are many more in the Longido community seeking support.

Join us for Power and Potential: Women at the Forefront.

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