Today, we share with you 3 stories from TEMBO sponsored girls and updates on where they are at this time.

The stories were part of a larger project in 2019 called ‘15 Girls‘ during our 15th anniversary. These stories brought to life the issues faced by young girls in Tanzania, the people who inspired them and the girls’ determination to move beyond the challenges of forced marriage, early pregnancy or poverty.

The girls are always very keen to talk about their families, their home environment and what it means to go to school. Some laugh when they recall funny anecdotes from home while others shed a tear as they think of what their futures might have looked like without education.

Our thanks to Selina, Adela and Nyekonde.

Our Stories

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UPDATE November 2023:

In November 2019, Selina wrote her Form 4 national exams. In January, she received her results and was thrilled. Her results would allow her to continue on to study at a vocational training college. Selina is now in her final year of studies in local government administration.

UPDATE November 2023:

Today, Adela is in Form 5 (advanced level studies) and continues to do well in school. During school breaks, she goes home to stay with her grandmother and help take care of her young brothers. “I will always remember the TEMBO English Camp program. It helped me so much with my science subjects.

UPDATE November 2023:

Nyekonde graduated from secondary school in 2021 with excellent results on her Form 4 national exam. The following year, she was accepted into teacher’s college. Today, she in year 2 of her program with the goal of completing her advanced level studies (Form 5 and 6) combined with a teacher’s degree.