15 Girls

As part of our 15 year celebration, TEMBO Canada has collected 15 stories from girls involved in our sponsorship program. These stories bring to life the issues faced by young girls in Tanzania, the people who have inspired them and the girl’s determination to move beyond the challenges of forced marriage, early pregnancy or poverty.

All 15 stories are now available here on our website.

TEMBO Canada is grateful for the time spent with the girls as they talked about their families, their home environment and going to school. At times, the girls laughed while sharing funny anecdotes, while other memories brought tears to their eyes. Our thanks to Selina, Sarah, Adela, Esupat, Noorkorianga, the Joel sisters, Kamama, Nyekonde, Naserian, Simayo, Paulina, Tepeyan, Noosiria, Witness and Ngaaya.