Joel Harden

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About Joel

Joel Harden  is the MPP for Ottawa Centre and the Official Opposition Critic for Transit and Active Transportation.  Prior to being elected MPP,  Joel was a researcher with the Canadian Federation of Students and Director of Education for the Canadian Labour Congress, for which he designed the campaign that expanded the Canada Pension Plan.  Joel also taught at the Carleton University Department of Law and Legal Studies and is author of the book “Quiet No More: New Political Activism in Canada and Around the Globe“.
A proud community organizer, Joel has dedicated his life and work towards advocating for social and environmental justice. He lives in Old Ottawa South with his family and tries his best to bike everywhere he goes.

Why I'm Cycling for TEMBO

I’m honoured to participate in the TEMBO ride with firends who care about economic development for Africa.  With each turn of the pedals, opportunities are created for others. That’s a worthy cause.