David Chernushenko

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About David

David Chernushenko is an educator, author, speaker, film producer and explorer of “living lightly” in our personal lives.

David served two terms as an Ottawa city councillor, where he chaired the Environment and Climate Protection Committee and played a major role in promoting active transportation, public health, supportive housing and a transition towards renewable energy. He previously served as a member and vice chair of Canada’s National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, and has advised governments and corporations around the world.

Author of three books on sustainable management practices, and producer of three films: Be the Change; Powerful: Energy for Everyone; and Bike City, Great City, he also published the “eco-political thriller” Burning Souls (2019).

You can often find him on a bicycle, whether leading tours of Ottawa with Escape Bike Tours, or exploring the many ridable roads and paths in the region.

Why I'm Cycling for TEMBO

“A more just and sustainable world is one in which girls have support in getting a good education. That I can assist TEMBO in helping more girls and young women in Tanzania to achieve just that — and by riding my bicycle, which is one of the most sustainable and accessible modes of travel in any country — gives me enormous pleasure. I am honoured to be a part of the TEMBO Challenge 500 team.”

David on bike