Seventeen-year old Sesita is on a life changing journey. Unlike so many girls in Longido DIstrict  in northern Tanzania, she received the chance to go to secondary school. It was Sesitas mom, Reson, who made sure that her daughter got this opportunity.

Reson, a single mom of four children, lives in a traditional boma on the foothills of Mt. Longido. She struggles to provide for the family by selling firewood and charcoal. Although she desperately wanted her daughter to break the cycle of early marriage and poverty, she could not afford to send Sesita to school. Reson heard about how TEMBO supports girlseducation and she was determined to fight for her daughter.

When Sesita was in standard 6, Reson began approaching TEMBO to ask for their support. The following year, the determined mom visited TEMBO regularly to ask them to sponsor Sesita. Yes, I remember Mama Sesita,says Paulina, Director of TEMBO.  She would often pop in to remind us of her request. She was relentless.” 

Why is education for her daughter so important for Reson?   She reflects that No one in my boma went to school. Please God,she prays, let all my children go to school. When people talk about education, they are happy. When you see someone doing something good, you say educationWhen you see someone in a house, you say education’ “.

My Home Life

All photos were taken by Sesita in 2019 as part of TEMBO’s ’15 Girls’ story project.


TEMBO can support girls only if the resources are available.

And that’s where YOU can make a difference in a girl’s future. 

Because of generous donors like YOU, TEMBO was able to support Sesita. In preparation for secondary school, she was outfitted with everything she would need: uniform, bedding, school supplies, toiletries and textbooks. And when Sesita is on school break, she attends TEMBOs English Camp (TEC) program to boost her academic skills and help keep her motivated.

TEMBO Sponsored Girls – Form III (Sesita, Lower Left)

Currently in Form 3 at Longido Secondary School, Seista is doing well. I like it here, she says. I like the school environment.  Mostly I like Kiswahili, Civics and English.Her goal is to become a teacher because I like teaching.She dreams of getting a job so that she can help her brothers and sisters with school. She also wants to help her mother build a house. She is determined to study hard to realize her dreams.

Resons vision for her daughter would not have happened without TEMBO donors. Sesita needed a CHANCE to go to secondary school.


You can help give this same chance to other girls like Sesita.

You can help them carve out a better future for themselves and make their dreams become a reality.