Reaching for Change: Why Become a Monthly Donor

Thanks to the support of our monthly donors, our Reaching for Change community is growing: more girls are succeeding in school, pre-schoolers have access to books, and more women have access to literacy outreach opportunities.

“I know what education is because I went to school,” one girl observed. “I know it is the way to see the world. If you do not have education, you are blind.”

Monthly donations help TEMBO to budget effectively, allowing more of your donations to go directly to the programs that are making a difference.

Our Reaching for Change members say that providing monthly donations:

  • is hassle-free and secure
  • is budget friendly, you can control your donation amount
  • means I contribute to a bigger cumulative impact

2024 is TEMBO’s twentieth anniversary. To mark that anniversary: a $20 monthly donation would add up over the year to provide 4 girls with books for their entire first year of school. 

That same $20 monthly donation would enable a woman to attend weekly outreach classes for ten months.

That’s a lot of change for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee.

What impact could you have?