Parallel Challenge

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Perth, Ontario

Jack Tannett and David Batchelor have taken on the TEMBO Challenge. From April 15th – June 1st, they will walk or cycle for 500 minutes on some of their favourite routes and trails in and around their home town of Perth, Ontario.

About Us

Longtime TEMBO supporters, Jack and David, will each walk or bike for 500 minutes. They will pick some of their favourite routes and trails in the general area of Perth, Ontario. The team plans to complete their challenge on June 1 by arriving at the Byron Farmers’ Market at the same time as the lead team.

Jack and David are strong believers in TEMBO.

Why We're Cycling for TEMBO

We choose to support TEMBO because we believe in its goal to help young women to have greater opportunities for fulfillment. Jack has closely followed Loree’s trips to Longido as a volunter teacher and feels a strong attachment to this program and to supporting these wonderful young women.

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