Recent TEMBO News

TEMBO Serengeti Challenge 2022 raises $14,693

From May 8 – 17th, 2022, individuals and teams completed a virtual walk, run or bike  across the Serengeti, one of the Africa’s most famous national parks in support of women and girls in northern Tanzania. Our thanks to the participants and donors who supported our 2022 fundraising challenge.

Gay Lea Foundation Announces Grant to TEMBO

November 12, 2021: TEMBO is awarded $7K from the Gay Lea Foundation for the Girl Care Program for one calendar year (2022). While enrollment in secondary school is a critical first step for girls in northern Tanzania, many continue to live in the precarious balance between marriage and education. In response, TEMBO has developed the…

TEMBO: Today and Tomorrow

TEMBO hosts successful fall fundraising event including online auction and virtual presentation and raises more than $15,000 in support of women and girls in northern Tanzania. Thank you to the many individuals and businesses across Canada that donated items and services for the auction – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Beating the Odds

UNICEF reports that a mere 3.2% of children in Tanzania are enrolled in the final two years of schooling. TEMBO girls are beating the odds. In July 2021, staff helped 11 girls pack and head off for Form 5 at secondary school. This is a remarkable achievement as girls in Tanzania are more likely to…