My husband does not want our children to go to school.  He is not interested in our children getting an education, he just wants more cows.  I do not want them to have the life of suffering that I have had.

A primary school in Longido District


“I see with my eyes”. I watch people in the village send their children to school.  I will take care of my daughters.  I will protect them from being sold for cows or forced into marriage by their brothers to the warriors in the forest.  I will help them be safe.

Simayo and her friends at TEMBO.


I learn from people in my village about TEMBO. I hear they have programs for girls and a place, the TEMBO Girls’ Hostel, in Longido, where Simayo can be safe from being married or sold for cows. 

A woman making tea in a Maasai boma.


When my husband wants to talk to Simayo, I bring her to our boma. I know I must keep her safe.  I walk with Simayo. I hold her close and I sleep with her in the same bed.  I will not let her brothers sell her to the warriors in the forest. I will protect her, always.

Nemeel and Simayo, together at TEMBO.


I know that Simayo can not come home but I can visit her at TEMBO. I can see her smile and learn and complete her secondary school studies.  She will have a different life than I have.  She will have hope for a better future. 

Your donation will help women like Nemeel send their daughters to school in January 2022.


Today, Simayo is in Form 5 (equivalent to Grade 12) at secondary school. Last July, she was home in Longido preparing for her studies and visiting with her mother.

It was an opportunity for Simayo to share with her proud mother how happy she was to have the opportunity to go to school.



Watch our short video clip of Nemeel in conversation with TEMBO staff (interpretation follows).