TEMBO’s Longido District Learning Centre provides the opportunity for young adults to pursue their dreams of higher education. 

This includes preparing for advanced-level studies, resiting exams, or acquiring new skills that could help one start a business. 

The power of educational resources

Daudi and Nasha are sitting quietly at a table at the back of the secondary school room. 

Approaching them to learn more about their reasons for coming to the Learning Centre is difficult when their heads are, quite literally, deep into their books. 

They’re extremely intent on their studies! During a short break, we learn more about their background. 

Daudi wants to become a teacher, but he needs to improve his exam scores on his Form 4 results. He’s very disciplined and comes every day from 10am – 1 pm to use the resources at the Learning Centre. 

“I spend my days here reading and reviewing the material,” Daudi says. “It’s quiet and I can study hard. The staff help me to get the books I need. Today, I’m looking at history.” 

Nasha is in transition from Form 4 to Form 5. She’s taking advantage of the resources to prepare for school. “I know that Form 5 and 6 will be hard, so I’m preparing now,” Nasha explains. “I want to make sure that I do well.”

Pursuing new skills 

As we leave the quiet of the study room, we enter the liveliness of a hall, coming across four young women exiting the sewing room — laughing and holding hands. 

These four women wanted to learn how to sew. Together, they approached the Learning Centre to see if they might be able to create their own sewing circle. 

Aziza notes, “I finished Class 7 (equivalent to Grade 7) but I can do nothing. I want to have a skill.” 

Cecilia and Faiza, both graduates of Form 4, remarked, “We finished our studies but we cannot go to college. We want to learn to sew so that we have a skill and we can earn money.” 

Grace, with no schooling, was eager to join the group too!

These four women took the initiative to create their own class. 

“We bring our own materials and the teacher volunteers to come in to help us once a week. We’re starting by making a simple gown – one for each of us.” 

They laugh, knowing that it might take some time to make four gowns… but they’re very motivated!

To learn more about the Longido District Learning Centre, visit: https://www.projectembo.org/what-we-do/informal-education/