In a word, ‘tough’!

18-year-old Hawa is excited to complete her final term at an advanced level in secondary school. When asked to describe her education journey, she quickly replied with one word: tough.

“When I was at the ‘O’ level [Form 1 – 4], I received Division 1 and I thought that it would [be] simple for me to study at the advanced level,” she said. “But I was wrong. Oh, it is so tough. Teachers are not enough, I have to study from my books by myself and there is not a lot of cooperation. Everyone is fighting to be number one.”

In 2015, Hawa attended the PASS (Primary and Secondary Success Program) with TEMBO before starting secondary school. She thanks TEMBO for the support she received – including an opportunity to stay in the Girl’s Hostel when not in school. “My family does not know the importance of education. They are happy for me, but they do not understand that I must study hard all the time. There is no time for anything else.”

As she heads off to school this year, Hawa understands there may be little sleep during the final few months. “If you sleep, all of your dreams will disappear.”

Hawa’s dream? To become a professor. She loves teaching and helping others, she explains. It makes her feel good to do good for others.