Asanta Sana! Thank you!

TEMBO would like to thank the walkers, runners and cyclists who completed the TEMBO Challenge in May 2023, and to the many donors who supported the Village Walk.

Together, we raised $15,763 in support of women and girls in northern Tanzania.

Seven Days, Seven Villages

Each day throughout the TEMBO Challenge, we shared stories about the experience of walking through the villages around Longido. If perhaps you missed a day or you would just like to read the stories again, we have posted them here for you to enjoy.

DAY 1: From the 'Ocean' to the Highway

Our walk today begins at the foothills of Mt. Longido, beside the ‘ocean, a dam created to reserve water from the spring that flows down from the mountain.

Day #1

DAY 2: Collecting Water

The sun is shining in Myaka, a traditional Maasai village on the foothills of Mt. Longido, and you can feel the heat rising quickly. Our walk today begins at the dry river bed where we meet the women collecting water.
Day #2

DAY 3: Meeting the Women of Oldorko

Our walk today talks us to the village of Oldorko, approx. 6 km. from Londigo, where we will meet graduates of the tailoring program and women in the outreach program.
Day #3

DAY 4: Chai and Conversations

Today, we are walking in Longido where a 7 km walk might take 3 hours thanks to the rich conversation and delicious chai that becomes a part of almost every visit.

Day #4

DAY 5: An Afternoon Adventure

As we arrive at Orbomba Primary School, it is just after lunch and the boys are filly engaged in a soccer match.

Day #5

DAY 6: An Early Morning Start

It is 6:30 a.m. in Oltepesi and the sun is just coming up over Mt. Kilimanjaro and the giraffes roam in and around the Acacia trees.

Day #6

DAY 7: It's Not Far!

Today, we are off to Ranch, our final day to explore the villages around Longido. The name ‘Ranch’ refers to the area where cattle used to graze.

Day #7