On May 10th,  61 individuals and 15 teams will complete Day # 10 of the Serengeti Challenge. They will be walking, running or cycling virtually across the Serengeti National Park to support women and girls in northern Tanzania. Together, they have raised more than $26,500!

TEMBO gratefully acknowledges all of the donors who contributed to the success of the Challenge. Your donation inspired everyone to keep on cycling or walking on days when the weather was less than ideal or the hills were steep.

More importantly, the funds raised during the Serengeti Challenge will help support a girl’s dream of an education, allow women to attend a skills development program and provide much needed essential health and sanitation supplies to stay safe during the global pandemic.

The Serengeti Challenge Donation page will be open until May 16th.


Goal: $40,000

Raised so far: 73%

“Last year our family crossed the Serengeti in a vehicle. This year we’re doing it again, on bikes and virtually, and for the girls.”

After 10 days of cycling, the Duncan family completed the Serengeti Challenge and raised more than $3,000 for girls and women in northern Tanzania. In 2019, the Duncan family visited Longido, met the staff and learned about the programs offered by TEMBO.

Seeing the impact that TEMBO had on the lives of women and girls in Northern Tanzania was a life-changing experience for my family. Without the work of TEMBO, many of the girls we met would be married (and pregnant) as early as 13 years old.  Upon our return to Canada (early because of the pandemic), we knew we wanted to help these girls even more.  We worry about how girls in the area are able to deal with COVID and still be able to go to school. The Serengeti Challenge was the perfect opportunity for us to continue to help them.  It’s one small way to make a difference.  And it also gave us a chance to do something fun, healthy and positive as a family.




Nasikoi lives in Kiserian, a remote village about 15 km. from Longido. In 2018, desperate to attend secondary school, she walked with her father from Kiserian to Longido to apply for sponsorship with TEMBO. Later, that same day, they walked home hoping that Nasikoi had been accepted into the sponsorship program. Walking 30 km. for education was her only hope. Today, with the support of TEMBO, Nasikoi is attending secondary school in Form 4.


Every Monday, Nalepo sets out from Ranch village where she lives in a traditional boma with her family. After completing her morning tasks (preparing chai for the family, collecting firewood), she walks 8 km along a dusty path to the Learning Centre for 3-hr lesson in the tailoring program. At the end of the day, she walks home quickly knowing that she needs to start preparing the evening meal. Walking to the tailoring program gives her hope that she might be able to earn an income and help feed her family.


All funds raised during The Serengeti Challenge will be used to support women and girls like Nasikoi and Nalepo pursue their dreams. TEMBO Canada provides support for educational opportunities including formal education at the secondary and post-secondary level, and informal education for women in rural communities. As we continue to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, TEMBO works to keep girls and women healthy and safe with lessons on handwashing and sanitation, and provision of soap and food packages for families in need.


You can be a part of The Serengeti Challenge even if you are not walking, running or cycling.

Consider making a donation or supporting registered participants. Charitable tax receipts will be issued for all donations.


Thank you for your support.


Earn one or all of the 5 medals awarded for Distance and Fundraising Achievements.

Fundraising Medals


Awarded to those who raised $1000

Lion Recipients

  • On my bike…for TEMBO (x 2)
  • Between the Wines with Toni’s friends (team) (x2)
  • Ladies of Longido (team)
  • Serafini’s on the Serengeti (team)
  • The Duncan Family (team) (x3)
  • Nancy Arbogast Cycling the Serengeti
  • Shirley Reeder (x2)
  • Donna Serafini
  • For the Girls of Longido
  • Toni
  • Bente


Awarded to those who raised $500

Giraffe Recipients

  • Heather and Gary and friends (team)
  • Serengeti Octet (team)
  • Anne and Peter McCrae (team)
  • B.C. Zoomers (team)
  • Tembo fundraiser – Rachel Borer
  • Greely friends
  • Rita’s walk with Toni
  • Cycling with the Duncans
  • Arlene steps up for TEMBO!
  • East Coast Connection
  • Wilson takes a hike!
  • Cheryl Foy, Charles Gervais and Leanne Andree
  • Anne and Peter McCrae
  • MMG Moving


Awarded to those who raised $100

Zebra Recipients

  • Popp Bros (team)
  • The Spicer Clan (team)
  • Henrie Karen Cindy (team)
  • Ottersburg Family and Friends (team)
  • Team McKechnie (team)
  • Huntsville Silver Spokes (team)
  • Winnipeg’s Marian & Cheryl (team)
  • Serengeti Octet
  • Walking with Purpose
  • Olly Bikes
  • Simon’s Going Biking
  • Cycling with the Duncans
  • Andrea Shabinsky Borer
  • Onita’s going on a hike!
  • Silver Spokes Ride for TEMBO
  • Henrie Karen Cindy
  • B.C. Zoomers
  • Between the Wines
  • Hannah Borer
  • Help Renee Help Girls in Tanzania
  • Ottersburg Walk for Water
  • Sally and Tom LeFeuvre
  • Adele Rainford’s biking odyssey
  • Popp brothers walk for TEMBO
  • Team McKechnie
  • Henrie Karen Cindy
  • Joanne Laurie
  • Stu’s Serengeti walk
  • Jack’s Serengeti Challenge
  • Cheryl’s fundraising page
  • margaret kennedy
  • Winnipeg’s Marian & Cheryl


Distance Medals

Elephant: walk, run or cycle 88.8 km.
Gazelle: walk, run or cycle 140 km