Adult Literacy

Support a woman to attend weekly literacy classes in her community. With the support of trained staff working in Maasai and Swahili, she will learn basic literacy skills including how to write her name, numbers up to 100 and key vocabulary for basic communication such as explaining health problems to a doctor.

Gift Price: $25

Goat Project

TEMBO supports a Women’s Goat Project in two remote villages in Longido District. Your donation will provide one woman with two baby goats and an opportunity to provide milk for  her family. As the goats mature, she will be able to generate a small income – but the opportunities do not stop there. Each woman in the goat project helps to build the circle by giving her first female baby goat to another woman in the village.

Gift Price: $50

She Can Sew!

Each week, Maasai women from four rural villages meet at the Longido District Learning Centre as part of a skills development project. The women are learning how to sew school uniforms including skirts and shirts, as well as simple dresses for children. The women are also learning basic literacy and numeracy skills required to run a small sewing business. Funds will be used to purchase sewing machines for the women upon graduation.

Gift price: $200

Giving Opportunity

Give a gift that has a lasting impact.

You can now make a donation and send an E-Card Gift to a friend or family member. With each donation, you will help create an opportunity for women living in traditional rural villages in northern Tanzania.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Select an E-Card Gift option by clicking on the button of choice.

2. Complete the Donation Form and process payment.

3. After completing the payment, you will receive a link where you can download your individual E-Card Gift (pdf format).

4. Forward the card to your friend or family member by email. You can also print out the card and give in person.