Syllabus Books

Help TEMBO fill the shelves with primary and secondary school syllabus books. Each day, students from the age of 6-20 come to the Learning Centre to study from math, science and English/Swahili textbooks.

Gift price: $45 (one set of syllabus books)

Outreach Programs

Each week, staff from the Longido District Learning Centre pack up a bag of learning materials and head out to more remote villages in Longido District. Working in partnership with the local schools and communities, the staff create reading circles and enrich the class with visuals while also leading literacy classes for adults. Your gift supports a month of outreach activities to one village.

Gift price: $80


Support computer literacy and learning with the gift of a computer. Children and adults alike will have an opportunity to gain basic computer literacy while also enjoying reading materials installed on the computers in both official languages – English and Swahili.

Gift price: $300

Giving Opportunity

With each gift, you will help TEMBO support learning for an entire village. To purchase a gift, you will need a credit card and a valid email address.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Select a gift by clicking the Add to Cart button and set the Quantity in the PayPal shopping cart.
2. Click Continue Shopping in order to add more gifts or Check Out to pay.
3. Provide information for a photo card (sent either to the recipient directly by TEMBO or to you personally.) Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of cards.