The time to GIVE is now.

With a new school year starting in January 2021, TEMBO Tanzania is facing an urgent challenge to meet the need for sponsorship in the Longido community.

And we know that…

Without TEMBO, these girls will be married.”

Adolescent girls in Longido District, Tanzania live in the precarious balance between marriage and education. Living in traditional villages, young girls are often left behind at the end of primary school. Many are often married off at the age of 13-14 or become pregnant and do not continue on to secondary school.

Each year, TEMBO identifies young girls who face significant barriers to education including traditional cultural practices and poverty. The TEMBO sponsored girls are now staying in school longer, performing better and achieving results that allow them to complete secondary school, apply for college or get jobs.

This year, we are facing an unprecendented challenge as a result of the pandemic. When schools were closed in March 2020, TEMBO staff kept in close contact with the girls to ensure that they were not at risk of early marriage or pregnancy, and provided them with supplies and additional learning materials to keep them motivated and safe.

Increased costs means TEMBO can support fewer girls scheduled to start school in January 2021.

It costs $350 to send a girl to secondary school. We’ve set a goal to send 20 more girls to school and we need your help.