Giving Students a Head Start on Secondary School

More than 130 girls and boys are getting a head start on their secondary school studies thanks to two academic support programs offered this fall! 

  • The PASS (Primary and Secondary Success) Program coordinated by TEMBO staff in Tanzania offers girls an opportunity to develop their command of English while providing instruction in core subjects such as Biology and Geography. This year, 51 girls from 14 primary school are participating in the program. The girls stay in the TEMBO Girls’ Hostel for 10 weeks where they also benefit from a life skills program.
  • Pre-Form 1, coordinated by Learning in Longido (LiL), provides support for adolescent boys and girls. It includes a residential program for 32 students from the more remote locations across Longido, plus a day program for more than 50 students. Like PASS, this program introduces students to the academic subjects they’ll study in secondary school.
“I have learned many things at PASS. Now I know there is a subject like Biology and Geography. I am also learning how to take care of myself and that hygiene is important. I am also learning how to get along with others in the hostel. 

I would like to be a doctor.”

– Ngaiso Schuwaka

“Pre form 1 helps me to understand many words in English language and I am very happy with that. I am now understanding secondary subject so when I get secondary it won’t be so difficult. I like the availability of time to learn  so many things throughout the day. I like also to know other students from different school. 

I would like to be a geography teacher.”

– Mbeeya Ngayok

“I like how teachers teach us and demonstrate the lesson. I like the food which helps me to spend enough time to study . If there was no food, I would not able to attend afternoon classes because I live in far away. I spend 2 hours to walk from home to Pre-Form1.

I want to be a doctor so I will take effort in science subjects.”

– Lucia Papayo