Building Strong Programs, Building Strong Staff

In May, Judith, a Library Assistant with Learning in Longido, attended a training program at Patandi Training College to develop her ability to provide meaningful lessons for deaf children in Longido District.

“Government schools have a shortage of special education teachers to help children who are deaf and blind. Also, there is only one school in Longido District,” notes Leah Kisambu, Executive Director for Learning in Longido.

“Since the children do not have permanent teacher at school, the Learning Centre has been helpful for them by provide learning resources. Judith helps them how to communicate by using sign language. It was hard to them to greet for the first time when they attended to the program but now, they capable many things.”

When asked about her experiences of the three-month program, Judith said, “I have learned different things in the course. As usual the course starts by learning Alphabet order and words. The course carried National language sign.

“I have learned Alphabet, finger spelling, and how to use, example if you told someone deaf go to toilet and can not understanding, you can use finger spelling about toilet!

“I also learned how to making story and explain by using sign language, making songs, words, and making sentences. Also things around environment where is very important a deaf child to understand, to tell her / she this is hospital, school, police station, government offices, market etc. I have liked so many things in the course especially! Composing songs and singing with deaf children as always – I like singing and making story.”