Behind the TEMBO scenes: Helping 42 girls become school-ready


What does it take to prepare 42 girls for Form 1 in Secondary School?  A lot of time, energy, and commitment from the girls, their families, and TEMBO staff!


Weeks before

TEMBO staff are communicating and liaising with local suppliers to source items. “I really like explaining to the parents about what their daughter needs,” says Christina, a TEMBO staff member. “Sometimes they come with only one pair of underwear, but I help them and they learn. I like helping the mothers and it is good to know the girls have what they need when they leave.”

One crucial supply is 100m of fabric in multiple colours to produce more than 126 school skirts. A local seamstress stays up late at night to sew green skirts for one school, blue or grey for another, all with specific measurements.


Days before

The girls and their families look for essential items like a torch, a ruler, and a brush for polishing shoes. This can be challenging for some families – especially during a year of extreme drought. “I am very happy today. If not for TEMBO, my daughter would not go to school,” says Nelepo. “Because of the drought, we have no money. God bless you!”

A large truck will also pull up late at night and unload trunks, mattresses, and pillows. The next morning, it’s time to finish assembling trunks for the girls. Two pink sheets, a pillow case, a towel, a mosquito net, and a warm blanket are put into every trunk. Toiletries, track suits, sports jerseys, and so much more are also provided to each girl.


First day of school

A lively, energetic buzz fills the room. 42 girls and their families arrive, and the girls are excited to finally put on their school uniforms. Some scramble to find the right size of shoes. Others try to figure out how to put on a tie. There’s so much excitement in the air. Girls grab brooms in one hand and a backpack in the other, walking out the TEMBO gate with their mother or father carrying a trunk on their heads.

Project TEMBO wishes all 42 girls in Form 1 all the success for secondary school. A huge thank you to our donors for giving them a chance to learn.