“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” — J Loren Norris

More than 130 girls between Forms 1 – 6 attended TEMBO English Camp (TEC) – an academic support program (June 5 – 23) that reviews lessons around math, geography, science, and English.

Every year, TEMBO hires student mentors to support TEC and help the local secondary school teachers who run the program across the three weeks. 

The mentors are women who were once TEMBO sponsored girls — providing a unique opportunity for these alumni to give back.

This year, our three student mentors were: 

  • Nanekoi, a graduate of a tourism program at college and now a mother of a six year old boy. She likes “offering a chance to help the students. I am now understanding about life so I like to tell the girls that life is very hard. Study hard to achieve your dreams.” 
  • Lilian who just completed her first year at teacher’s college. She tries to “help the girls solve problems. I have experience as a student and I help them to handle their challenges.”
  • Janeth, a graduate of a social welfare college program. She enjoys the work because the girls “look to me as a role model, and the community too!” 

As a mentor, they played a key part in the success of the program by:

  • ensuring a harmonious environment in the classroom
  • making sure the girls get to class in time
  • doing yoga with the girls
  • organizing morning assemblies
  • helping the TEMBO staff in the day-to-day.

Ultimately, the program not only benefits current students — it also helps the mentors themselves.

“This job helps me to get basic needs for my family and for myself”, said Janeth, while Nanekoi will use her salary to pay for her son’s school fees when school opens in July.

“TEMBO means a lot to me because you helped me to get an education,” adds Lilian. “And, by fulfilling my dream of becoming a teacher. Now I can help TEMBO.”

For more information about TEMBO’s academic programs, visit: https://www.projectembo.org/what-we-do/academic-support/