Parallel Challenge

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algoma U cyclists

Algoma University

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

About Us

Maria Coccimiglio, Ben Warnock, Mark Jobst, and Darshan each cycled 100km. The collective total was 872km, well surpassing our goal of 500km. The biking was done at our public university gym in the foyer using 5 stationary bikes from 8am-8pm rotating through shifts. We raised a total of 900$.

Why We Cycled for TEMBO

“Education is a fundamental human right, yet it is a huge privilege for many young girls in Northern Tanzania. It is the beacon of hope, the key that unlocks endless opportunities. These girls will become architects of change, shaping their destinies and transforming their communities for years! The transformation of Northern Tanzania begins with these girls. When you educate a girl, you educate a whole community and nation!”
– Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Manager at Algoma University, Jane Omollo

Total distance cycled

0 km

Total funds raised

$ 0


  • Asima Vezina: President
  • Maddi Rouleau (soccer team): Psychology/Year 2
  • Maria Coccimiglio: Students Life Information Officer
  • Ben Warnock: Chemistry professor
  • Mark Jobst (Nordic ski team): Psychology/Year 4
  • Jaunie-Leigh Deneault: Social Work/ Year 2
  • Madalyn Clement (soccer team): Biology/ Year 2
  • Carly Coccimiglio (soccer team): Biology/ Year 2
  • Haley MacFarlane (soccer team)
  • Olivia Bernard (soccer team): Psychology: Year 2
  • Chloe Cormier (soccer team)
  • Samantha Mazucca (soccer team)
  • Alexa Naslovar (soccer team)
  • Berlyn Killoran (soccer team): Year 1: Business
  • Taya Shackleton (soccer team): Year 1: Biology
  • Adam Gouge: Student
  • Cam Wilson: Cross country running coach
  • Brody Wilson
  • Darshan
  • Danielle: Assistant cross country running coach
  • Emilie Vezina: Biology/ Year 2