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In northern Tanzania, the new school year starts in January but adolescent girls in Longido District live in a precarious balance between marriage and education.  Many live in poverty and are at great risk of early marriage and pregnancy.  

These girls face a serious challenge getting to secondary school.

Without TEMBO, these girls will be married.”

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, 45 girls will be able to start secondary school this January.

But there is still a need to make sure we have the funding to support last-minute demands. Your support will make sure that the girls have all the essentials for a successful start to their secondary school education.

Thank YOU for Choosing TEMBO

On Tuesday, November 28, TEMBO participated in the global movement as part of our Give Her a Chance campaign.

And, in just 24 hours, we raised $9,234 which will support 22 girls for secondary school in the new school year.

TEMBO gratefully acknowledges the support of our donors who chose TEMBO on GivingTuesday.

On December 15th, TEMBO launched a matching campaign and within 30 hours, we had reached our goal of matching $1,000 for a total of $2,035.

Double the impact! Double the Hope!


When Helena was in primary school in Kimoukouwa, she loved her classes so much that she dreamed of going to secondary school. She shared her dream with her mother, Ngotai, who never went to school, but wanted this opportunity for her daughter. However, they faced two huge challenges: poverty, and a father who expected that Helena would get married once she finished primary school. Both Ngotai and her daughter feared that Helena was not safe if she remained in the village.

Ngotai, who was in poor heath and caring for three children, tried her best to raise money to send Helena to school. She carried firewood and grass for other people, cared for neighbours’ children and tried to prepare and sell local medicine at the market. But there was never enough money.

Helena had heard about TEMBO. She prayed that maybe this could be her opportunity as well. Ngotai, in spite of her husband’s objections, walked to TEMBO where she advocated for her daughter. When Helena found out she would be sponsored by TEMBO, she was overjoyed. ”My fears just moved out.”

Now in Form 4 at Longido Secondary School, Helena hopes to go on to university and perhaps become a lecturer. “TEMBO gives me hope”, she says, “that I will reach my goal.” Mama Ngtoai, too is grateful: “I thank God for TEMBO.”

Girls and women in Tanzania face enormous challenges.

They have very few opportunities to avoid the cycle of poverty and early marriage.

With YOUR help, girls can carve out a better life for themselves and their families.


YOU can make a difference in a girl's future.

A $30 gift can provide HER with toiletries for a year including soap, pads, a toothbrush and toothpaste and a bucket for washing.

A $60 gift can provide HER with textbooks and school supplies for the year.

A $135 gift can provide HER with a new school uniform including two skirts, white shirts, sweaters, a tie and a pair of shoes and socks.

A $410 gift can provide HER with all that she needs to start secondary school including toiletries, books, a new school uniform, bedding and a new trunk.