The time to GIVE is now.

In northern Tanzania, the new school year starts in January but adolescent girls in Longido District live in a precarious balance between marriage and education.  Many live in poverty and are at great risk of early marriage and pregnancy.  

These girls face a serious challenge getting to secondary school.

Without TEMBO, these girls will be married.”

Our goal is to raise $18,000 to send 42 girls to Form 1 at secondary school in January 2023.

We need YOUR help.

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Sesita and Reson at home in Longido, 2019.

Seventeen-year-old Sesita is on a life changing journey.

Unlike so many girls in Longido District in northern Tanzania, she received the chance to go to secondary school. It was Sesitas mom, Reson, who made sure that her daughter got this opportunity.

Why is education for her daughter so important for Reson?  

She reflects that No one in my boma went to school. Please God,she prays, let all my children go to school. When people talk about education, they are happy. When you see someone doing something good, you say education’. When you see someone in a house, you say education’”.


YOU can make a difference in a girl's future.

Sesita, May 2022

Because of generous donors like YOU, TEMBO was able to support Sesita. In preparation for secondary school, she was outfitted with everything she would need: uniform, bedding, school supplies, toiletries and textbooks. And when Sesita is on school break, she attends TEC (TEMBO English Camp) to boost her academic skills and help keep her motivated.

Resons vision for her daughter would not have happened without TEMBO donors. Sesita needed a CHANCE to go to secondary school.

You can help give this same chance to other girls like Sesita. You can help them carve out a better future for themselves and make their dreams become a reality.

A $30 gift can provide HER with toiletries for a year including soap, pads, a toothbrush and toothpaste and a bucket for washing.

A $60 gift can provide HER with textbooks and school supplies for the year.

A $135 gift can provide HER with a new school uniform including two skirts, white shirts, sweaters, a tie and a pair of shoes and socks.

A $410 gift can provide HER with all that she needs to start secondary school including toiletries, books, a new school uniform, bedding and a new trunk.