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Traveling with TEMBO 2018

  • When: January 20, 2018

Join TEMBO for one of our exciting two-week adventures to Tanzania.


Enjoy the sunsets over the Serengeti.

General Trip: January 20 – Feb 2, 2018

Spend two weeks exploring northern Tanzania including a week in Longido visiting schools, health centre, goat project and more, followed by a week in Tanzania’s spectacular national parks.


Participate in workshops with local villagers.

For Fabric Lovers: February 3 – 16, 2018

Gain inspiration for your future quilting and art project from the beautiful colours of village life in rural Tanzania and the wild animals and stunning sunsets on safari. Fabric lovers will delight in creative sewing workshops led by local women using African fabrics, a traditional Maasai bead workshop, guided tour of the Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha and more!

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